Coir Pith Production Process

Our professionals monitor every stage of the manufacturing process, and our products are manufactured under a rigorous quality standard.
We assure you that you will get what you expect!

Coconut Husk

Coco Coir is extracted from the protective husk of the coconut. The matured coconut crop is dehusked after harvesting . The Coconut husk is soaked with water and softened in the initial stage of coco peat / coir pith production process. Quality is tested while coconut is harvested, prepared, and processed for the result of high quality coco coir products.

Fiber buster

Coir pith and coco fiber are separated through Fiber buster from coconut husk. Once coco fiber or coir pith is collected from the husk, it is dried, pressed into bricks, discs, coir pots or bagged as loose mulch. Coir fiber is used in floor mats, brushes and mattresses. Coco peat /Coco pith is an excellent soil conditioner and is widely used as a soil-less medium for agro-horticultural purposes.


For our coco coir substrate/ coco peat blocks / coir pith grow bags / coco peat bricks requiring a low conductivity, coir pith is washed with fresh water and neutralized with an EC level and allowed for drying process.


Testing for moisture of the material, EC (Electrical Conductivity Ratio) level and pH(Acidity or Alkaline of the Coco peat Material) is done and meet the specifications. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control standards at every stage.


Wet coir pith is dried under sun in cement yard as well as hot air drier machine under controlled conditions. The drying process in the cement yard is free from weed or pathogens or any other foreign particles. Once the coir pith reaches the moisture level, it is passed for testing.


After drying, Moisture content of the material is checked and passed for cleaning process.

Cleaning & Sieving

The Coco coir pith is removed from long fibers and foreign particles. The dried pith material is cleaned  from sand, weed, mud, stones and any other impurities, and dried again.


The Cleaned coir pith is tested for their impurities, electrical conductivity, moisture content and approved by QC. As per the density, the pith is grouped.


We will Create the right blend of coco coir pith, fibers, and chips as per customer requirement, and compressed into coco coir pith 5 kg blocks, coco coir pith 650 gm briquettes / bricks, coco coir grow bags or coco coir husk chips.


Compressed blocks are checked under stringent quality control standards and tested for moisture and impurity randomly. The compressed block is checked for correction of weight and then passed on for packing.


The final product is packed as per clients requirement and  checked often to meet the packing requirement. Coco peat blocks are packed in pallets or floor loading as per the requirement.

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